Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Questions from 3rd Graders

Hi Ana,
I was chatting today with some of our 3rd graders about you and your country. Here are some questions that they asked:

1. How long is your school year? How many hours a day do students attend school?

2. What is the age of your students?

3. How do you teach them English?

4. Do you study the rain forest?

5. What do students eat for lunch?

6. How do you say "mashed potatoes" in Portuguese? (Ha ha)

7. Do you shop at market or at a grocery store?

8. Can you buy toys at market?

9. What kind of things do your kids like to play with?

10. Is market big?

11. What kind of transportation does your family use?

Thanks for your help! The children thought it was really neat that I actually knew someone from Brazil ... made what their learning about seem more realistic rather than just words in a book.

Take care!


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