Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Answering questions- Mrs Johnson´s class

In Brazil, our school year starts in February and ends in the second week of December. We have two weeks off in July and our vacation from school is at the end of December and during the month of January when most of us travel to the beach. You see, the seasons are different here, it´s summer in January.

Students attend school either in the morning or the afternoon. They use the rest of their time to go to private institutes (to learn foreign languages, to learn how to play musical instruments) or sports centers (to learn to play sports). I work at a private institute where we teach English. Students come here to study English for about one hour and a half twice a week . These are some pictures I took yesterday at a Halloween celebration at our school.

Question: How do you say "mashed potatoes" in Portuguese?
Listen to the recording and I´ll answer that question and much more.

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