Monday, November 06, 2006

Answers to Mrs Johnson´s class

You asked me where I usually go shopping. Well, we have wonderful open markets in Uberlândia, the city where I live, but I usually go to supermarkets which are very similar to the ones you have in the States. The open market is more lively and full of smells and colors, but I end up going to the supermarket because of time.

Like I said before, students don´t have lunch at school. They study in the morning and go home to have lunch (the main meal in Brazil)with the family. We normally have rice, beans, a salad and meat.
These are the regular meals in Brazil:
1- Breakfast: milk, chocolate, bread with butter or jam, a fruit.
2- Lunch: rice, beans, salad and meat or pasta.
3- Snack: a fruit or a sandwich.
4- Dinner: the same as lunch or a snack.

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