Monday, November 06, 2006

Answering questions - MRS Hron´s class

How many schools are there in your city?
Anaisa and Luiza answer- In Uberlandia, there are many, many schools, approximately sixty, being private and state schools. Anaisa´s school is private and is a technical school of administration, she´s in the last year in high school. Luiza´s school is private too. It has many students and it´s very big.

What kinds of restaurants are there in your city?
Lauriane, Diogo and Fabio answer- There are a lot of kinds of restaurants here, there´s Grand China which is a chinese restaurant, Habib´s has arabic food, Mac Donald´s has american fast food, and many other restaurants which have Brazilian food. Ana Maria says-Brazilian people also love Italian food! This picture is from a typical restaurant which serves food from Minas Gerais, our state.

What is a common favorite food of Brazilian children?
Luiza Menezes and Luna answer- The favorite common food of Brazilian children is the dessert "Brigadeiro". Brigadeiro is a sweet made of powder chocolate, butter and condensed milk. It´s delicious and children eat it at birthday parties.

Does it ever snow in Brazil?
Marta and Nathália answer- It snows in very few parts of Brazil and most Brazilians have never seen snow. The average temperature in the summer is 30°C and in the winter it is about 15°C because Brazil is a tropical country.
CLICK HERE to see some pictures Ana Maria took at a beach in Brazil.

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