Monday, November 06, 2006

3rd Graders - Mrs Hron´s group

Greetings to Our Brazil Friends:

Our 3rd graders in Mrs. Johnson's classroom enjoyed your answers to their questions and absolutely LOVED hearing your voice!! You have helped to make your country come to life for them.

I have some other questions for you from the 3rd graders in Mrs. Hron's room:

1. How many schools are in your city?

2. What kinds of restaurants do you have in your city?

3. What is a common favorite food of Brazilian children?

4. Does it ever snow in Brazil?

5. What part of Brazil is your city located in? Is it near a coast?

6. Have you ever been to Peru?

They had so many questions for our Brazilian friends that I had to write very quickly to get them all written down!

Thank you Ana for enriching their learning!


3:31 PM

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Anonymous said...

There are five schools in my town.
I have quite a lot of restaurants in my town, they are specialised in Indian cuisine, Chinese and Portuguese.
Is it Picanha? Or are you thinking about Feijao?
No. In fact never snows in Brazil.
My city is located at the center,just on the coast.
No, I have never been to Peru.

Thank you very much.
See you.